Anytime, anywhere

Super tough on germs but super gentle on skin, eyes and mouth, our Joona Kiss sanitizing and deodorizing spray will keep your babies and whole family safe and clean anytime anywhere.
You can pretty much use Joona Kiss to sanitize/disinfect any surfaces without worrying about irritations or toxicity that other conventional sanitizers might bring, JUST:
  • SPRAY to sanitize utensils, pacifiers, bottles, toys, clothes, beddings and other baby items;
  • SPRAY on any baby body parts (i.e. baby bottom, hands, feet, etc) to sanitize and sooth;
  • SPRAY to sanitize and deodorize all household goods;
  • SPRAY on plane seats; beddings, carpets, of hotels when you travel;
  • SPRAY on adults body parts (i.e. mouth, hands, feet, bottom) to sanitize and deodorize, esp those cannot take baths often;
  • SPRAY on wounds to disinfect and promote healing.
Anytime, anywhere.